Ultimate Man Cave

In refinishing this basement, we had the honor of making every man’s dream come true – the Ultimate Man Cave. To ensure this homeowner did not miss a minute of any game, no matter where they were sitting, this basement has 5 TVs! But not to be outdone by the custom rustic fireplace and barnwood paneled wall which give the space a sophisticated feel. This side of the basement is everything a Sport’s fan fantasy would be made of.

Every inch of this basement has custom details from the floor to the ceiling. The beam and pole supports are wrapped in reclaimed wood. As you walk to the other side of the basement, you will pass the new half bathroom and custom built bar space above the refrigerator. A reclaimed wood sliding door allows access to the storage space. Last but not least, a custom reclaimed wood desk provides the perfect work space.

Project Details
  • Basement refinished in a 1960’s home
  • Reclaimed wood emulates a rustic charm
  • Sport’s fan fantasy with 5 TVs
  • Custom features throughout the entire space
  • The ideal space for entertaining or relaxing

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